Zoey Sandin is the main protagonist in The Purge. She is portrayed by Adelaide Kane.


Zoey Sandin is first seen in her bedroom making out with her boyfriend. Who then says he needs to go before The Purge starts. She joins her family for dinner where she is rebellious against her father because he won't let her be with her boyfriend. She joins them for lockdown before returning to her room, where she discovers that Henry (her boyfriend) is hiding after he snuck back in before lockdown.

He says he wants to have a conversation with her Dad so they can be together. But instead he tries to shoot him which results in James killing him instead. Zoey is later held at gunpoint and then knocked unconscious by Dwayne Bishop for the rest of the movie Zoey hides in different parts of the house, mainly her bedroom before she saves her mother and brother from The Polite Stranger by shooting him to death.

She then spends the rest of The Purge mourning her fathers death.