James Sandin is the main protagonist in The Purge. He is portrayed by Ethan Hawke.


James returns home to his wife and kids. He enjoys dinner with them where he announces that he sold the most security systems for The Purge. They notice the time and lockdown their house and James spends the time completing paperwork and researching boats for sale. When Charlie disarms the security system, James runs to the security room to re-arm it.

He goes downstairs where he comes face to face with Dante Bishop. Zoey's boyfriend Henry, who had previously snuck in, attempts to kill James but instead James shoots him to death and Dante disappears. A group of Purgers arrive at the house and announce that the Sandins have an hour to bring Dante outside or else they'll break in and kill them.

They find him but choose not to send him out so the Purgers use their cars to tear down the barricades and break into the house. James is able to fight off and kill several Purgers before being stabbed by the polite stranger (Rhys Wakefield), he eventually bleeds to death.

Guns that he ownsEdit

  • Taurus Raging Bull revolver in .454 Casull
  • Kimber Warrior pistol
  • Ruger P95 pistol
  • SIG-Sauer P226 pistol
  • Taurus PT92AFS
  • Mossberg 590 "Chainsaw" shotgun
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