Charlie Sandin is the main protagonist in The Purge. He is portrayed by Max Burkholder.


Charlie is first seen piloting his remote control toy around the house before helping his Mom in the kitchen. He joins his family for dinner and lockdown. He spends the rest of the night driving his toy car and guarding the monitors. He notices a homeless man desperetely screaming for help, so he opens the barricades and tells the man to get inside. James questions why he did that and Charlie goes back to watching the monitors where he notices a group of Purgers approaching their house.

While the Purgers are outside he uses his remote control car to lure the man to a hiding spot in the house, the Purgers break in and James gives him a gun and tells him to hide in the basement where he is almost killed by another Purger. Charlie then hides in the security room and then is taken hostage by the neighbours along with Mary and Zoey. Until he is released and then spends the rest of the night moruning his fathers death.